It's beginning to look a lot like ........ 

Symbolising the historic rape of the land in order to pursue the adoration of unbelievable,
invented celebrities in a plastic-induced frenzy of over indulgence and waste.

A celebration which is not complete without the bought and rapidly discarded, token Happy Christmas card.

Starting Here.

 Inspired by the Collected Debris of Life and the randomness of its arrival in yours.

             Pockets full of Debris collected on a walk prompts a series of drawings,

collages, patterns and, ultimately, 3D work.

Enjoying the freedom and spare time of this spiral of creativity during lockdown with limited resources. Free to create anything, anytime… Mould making, Blown Glass, Collage, Slip Casting. Attempting completion of projects in an unrealistic time frame, when no real time frame exists and completion is unnecessary.

Whilst continuing with glass I have become an obsessive Secret Slip Caster and Mould Maker. Drawn to the slip casting of ceramic vessels, some useful, some not. Using this as my daily happy place. Each day getting one step closer to having a full kiln … then it’s firing day.

The reward for this regimented making has been opening the kiln after firing. This has kept me sane during these strange days and nights of isolation and restrictions. It’s a treat to be rewarded by one's own activities, which have otherwise been limited in a time of no social life.  

Chairs have slowly sneaked in as another theme, or rather giving new life to them has. Previously repurposed as plinths, now revitalised to endure a new purpose. Maybe one day there will be people to sit in them.

For me, lockdowns have been a time for recovery, a time to reflect, catch up and leave some projects unfinished. A time to use up the piles of leftover stuff and nonsense – My Collected Debris of Life.